About Us


In 2004 the banking industry instituted the process of converting checks to an electronic image during processing. This changed how we looked at check processing and lead to the creation of Accelcheck.


We are able to take a merchant’s returned check and convert that to an electronic image and re-present that image to the bank for payment. At Accelcheck, we are utilizing the newest technology available in recovering returned checks in the fastest manner possible.


Our commitment is to offer our Clients a full spectrum of check verification, electronic check re-presentment (RCK), check conversion, and consolidated returns in the most cost effective manner. Rest assured cost effective does not mean that you’ll be compromising customer service. We have a knowledgeable staff ready to assist our clients via telephone, online, or on site. Please contact our office for a new and improved solution to bad checks. We are confident that we have a service to fit your specific recovery needs.