What is Check Verification?


Verification of a Check: Here is how verification works. The cashier feeds the check into the check reader and then enters the amount of the transaction into the terminal. A response is returned in approximately 5 seconds along with an approval code or a denial code. If the check is denied it will let them know if the customer has NSF checks outstanding within the verification pool and / or if the customer has written an unusual amount of checks within the last 24 hours.


Setting The Limits: Upon the initial setup we can assist you in customizing the limits on number of checks you want to accept, and / or total amount of checks you want to accept per hour, day or weekly.


The Verification Pool: Check Verification uses a national database. This database is contributed to from merchants all across the country. Bad check data is input and updated every day.


Facts You Should Know: Check verification will not stop a bad check all the time but it will stop someone from doing it at you store. Most bad checks are written within a local area. Once a check is entered into our system and our server is updated at the end of each business day. A check writer is not removed until fully paid. If a "denied" is returned from the verification system, your cashier can provided customers with information that we furnish to contact our offices. Our staff will assist the customer so they can resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Check verification is not a complete solution but it can eliminate the headache of chronic bad check writers.